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Aspire Fitness Lite Dumbbell

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Find out what makes Sportbell the most versatile dumbbell you will own, it will allow you to move from one exercise to another quickly and easily.

Aspire Fitness Sportbell Dumbbell

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When comparing price for individual dumbbells, Sportbell is the best value. At an average cost of $2.00 per pound, then multiplied by the 110 pounds of individual dumbbells that Sportbell replaces.

Aspire Fitness Dumbbell

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From Sportbell to The Bulldog Olympic Weight Collar, Aspire Fitness Products strives to provide you with the highest quality and design in all of our products.

Aspire Fitness ProductsSportbell replaces 20 individual dumbbells, making it ECO friendly by using 82% less raw materials than the equivalent 110 pounds of individual dumbbells.

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